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(Ydrostop Valve manufactured by Ydroteq NV)
The installation of a Water Stop Valve can prevent such problems

    Damage Limitation and Water Economy

  • Works as a fuse in the plumbing system

  • Reduces the risk of serious flooding if a burst occurs

  • Shuts off the water supply if a persistent flow or leak is detected

    Brings peace of mind and economy

  • Time setting adjustable from 15-120 minutes

  • Automatic or manual re-setting


  • Installed immediately after the water meter

  • Simple installation

  • Operates without electricity

  • Meets the requirements for potable water

  • Supplied with an approved check valve

  • WRc approval (UK) cert. Nr 9904045

  • Twelve months guarantee

A Water Stop Valve provides a means of protecting the home, office and business against flooding due to pipe failure or leaks in the plumbing system.  A fracture of the water mains has serious consequences.  During a weekend 80,000 litres of water can be lost from a 15mm pipe.  This would be approximately the same quantity that a family of four would use in three months.  A fractured pipe or an overflowing sink can cause substantial damage to the home, business, factory or workshop.  Such damage can be costly in terms of time, inconvenience and money.

The installation of a Water Stop Valve can prevent such problems.  This unique device is activated by detecting a difference in pressure (which may be caused by a pipe fracture).  The water supply is cut off almost at once until the appropriate repairs are carried out.


The Water Stop Valve has two functions:

  • The device works like a fuse in the plumbing system.  Just as an electrical fuse cuts off the electricity supply, the Water Stop Valve will automatically cut off the water supply following a pipe fracture, so reducing the risk of serious flooding. 

  • The device can be adjusted so that if continuous flow occurs for longer than the preset time (from 15 minutes to 2 hours) the valve will close preventing further flow.

Resetting the device can be either automatic or manual.
During normal water consumption the user will not be aware that the Water Stop Valve is installed.

The Water Stop Valve operates on a hydraulic principle ensuring that the pressure entering and the pressure leaving the unit are equal.  If the pressure in the downstream line is lower, then the unit will detect a fracture or burst in the line and will shut off the water supply.

Working in conjunction with this system is a mechanical flow timer which operates rather like a meter.  When water begins to flow through the unit the rotor is activated and a timer begins.  When the pre-set time is reached the supply is shut off.  The Water Stop Valve is an install and forget product.

The Water Stop Valve will also control water wastage when taps are left running accidentally or due to carelessness, which would be costly where water metering is in place.  When installed in commercial situations the Water Stop Valve can help businesses save money by preventing wastage and over excessive use of water.

The Water Stop Valve can save water and money, during continuous water consumption a small flow meter inside the device is activated which automatically cuts off the water supply once the pre-set time has been reached.  In the present climate of water shortages this device can assist in conserving water supplies and sensible usage.

The unit can be purchased without the filter element if the line into which the Water Stop Valve is going to be installed is already protected by a filter or strainer.


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